happy monday everyone!  ick! lol

well here is a picture from my most recent gallery in mandysplayhouse.

i actually liked this picture so much that i made it my twitter avatar.  you should come follow me at twiiter!

enjoy the pic and i hope to see you at twitter and my sites!



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28 May 15

bbw on all fours

its me…of course!

there is a funny story behind this bra and panties.  i bought them the day before the shoot.  when i got the shoot location, i put on my bra and then my panties.  my panties were soooo tight.  i was like, geez i know i’ve gained a couple pounds but it shouldn’t have been enough to make these not fit!

i did the shoot and got some really cute pics in the outfit.  when i got undressed i took a look at the tag in the panties.  well instead of being a size 26/28 they were an 18/20!!!!

no wonder they didn’t fit!

so if you look closely, you’ll notice the polka dots on my panties are a big bigger than on my bra lol.  that’s from all the stretch!

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27 May 15


here’s a good pic of christy wild and me kissing.

i put the first half of her pics up on herfirstfatgirl yesterday.  she has great natural tits and an amazing ass!  you’ll definitely have to check those pics out!

but for now, i hope you enjoy this pic!

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i love eatin pussy!  if you haven’t figured that out yet, you need some help. lol

this is another picture of me and jordan.  i’m the big girl eating pussy in the pic. lol

i also just finished taking a new gallery of pictures for mandysplayhouse! in the pics i’m wearing a new bra and matching panties.  of course i’ll be posting a pic of that gallery soon!

hope you have a good one!


mandy blake

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kenna is such a hottie.  she has perfect, soft skin, big tits, and great soft lips.

i want her to come back!  BAD!!!!!

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24 May 15

pillow biter

amo is my pillow biter.  i think the hottest part of this picture is her face and hair.  you can tell she’s really into what is happening to her at that very moment.  i’ve said this before but i’ll say it again…i hate posed girl/girl!  its horrible!  they probably aren’t even bi!  well my stuff is all REAL!

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23 May 15

bbw lexi

if you get turned on by this busty bbw like i do, then you should know that i have a ton of pics of her inside mandysplayhouse!

i have older stuff from when she was blonde too!

we even did some girl/girl stuff together back in the day and there are pics of that too!

if you want to see more free pics of lexi just click on the pic below.

then if you decide you want to see ALL of her pics and videos, then join my site!

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22 May 15

pussy licking

i love it!  i’m a giver.  i’d rather give than receive oral.  guys and gals.  i love feeling a big thick cock in my mouth and i love flicking my tongue against a nice hard clit.

this girl got off hard with my mouth!

be sure to click on the picture if you want to see some free video trailers!

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21 May 15

luna and i

here is one of the first pictures from the mandy does luna scene.

this is real kissing.  no posed shit!  look at how wide our mouths are open!  it’s like we couldn’t get enough of the other.

this was HOT!

oh…she also has the firmest ass i’ve ever felt.  no joke!

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20 May 15

i love ass

i do.  what can i say?  i love looking at them, squeezing them, shaking them, and licking them.

here is a cool shot of an ass from one of my recent girl/girl shoots on herfirstfatgirl.

i hope you like it!

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