i love boobies!

this is me and zombie.  or zombie and i.  whatever. lol

she’s a goth cutie with a great all natural body.  i gave her an AWESOME orgasm and she gave me one too!  :)

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21 Aug 16

i love this pic

don’t you?

this was back in my blonde days.

i had a wonderful lunch with a guy who is also in the adult business.  it was really nice and relaxed.  then he helped me move a piece of furniture that i had to pick up from pier one.

i’ve been busy this evening so far with booking girls for shoots with me for herfirstfatgirl.  the way i keep booking them, i’ll have enough updates for the whole year by summer!

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20 Aug 16

i’m a goddess

well i was for this photoshoot.

i did this for halloween 2008.  i’ve never been big on dressing up but i wanted to change that.  i tried and tried to find gold sandals but i couldn’t so barefoot was the way to go.

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19 Aug 16

i don’t smoke

i don’t smoke for real…just for the character i play online. lol

sometimes people want to see me suck on a long hard phallic shaped stick and i oblige!  :)

i hope you like this pic.  if you don’t sorry, but it is still sexy.



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18 Aug 16

big boobies

i got em!  :)

i did my videos for mandysplayhouse last night.

i got four of them done.  2 for the fetish section and 2 for the regular section.  i also pulled a bunch of stills from the vids for the site as well.

i’ll give you a little idea of what is in these vids….me, dildo, sexy panties, strapon, hitachi….i know your mind is really going now!  you’ll have to join to see them!  :)

here’s a picture for you.  my big boobies in a bra!


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17 Aug 16

rub me

i need a neck rub.  care to help?  :)

i’m doing my updates right now for herfirstfatgirl.  i’ll be adding over 100 pictures of me and jordan getting it on.  she was such a cutie.  her body reminded me of like a 1950s body.  i don’t know if that makes sense to you, but it does to me…so there!  :)

after i’m done updating i need to put on my makeup and get myself all sexy looking so i can shoot my videos for mandysplayhouse.  yay!  time for fun!

here’s your picture for the day.  it’s me! :)


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16 Aug 16

mondays suck!

lol ok they don’t really suck but they kind of do.

i had a pretty good weekend.  i’m starting to looking for more chicks to shoot girl/girl scenes with for herfirstfatgirl.  i have a bunch shot that i haven’t put up yet, but i like to have a lot done so i can mix them up a bit. :)

tomorrow i’ll be shooting a bunch of video clips for mandysplayhouse.  i want to get some fetish ones done and some hot masturbation ones too!  so tomorrow should be a very draining day…but in a good way!  :)

here is my picture of the day.  it’s me and kenna.  she has the greatest skin in the world.


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15 Aug 16

i’m back

i’m a slacker on blogs.  i know it.

well i’m gonna try to be better.  maybe i need a spanking for being so bad.

here is my pic of the day.

i hope you enjoy it!

Mandy and Amo HerFirstFatGirl

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14 Aug 16

my pink sneakers!

oh man.  now i’m sad.  i miss my sneakers.  i loved them soooo much, but had to throw them away.  i wore them while tearing down old wallpaper and they got all fucked up. :(  maybe i should get some more. :)

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i could be permanently attached to a tit and not care. lol

i think i’m a suckaholic….a titaholic….a boobieaholic?  i love BOOBS!!!

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